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When you look at Tom Linden’s paintings, you’ll feel
transported to the quiet backroads of the Midwest.
His original watercolor, oil and plein air paintings
capture the landscape and the atmosphere that are
quintessentially Northern Illinois.

Plein air oil paintings come to life on location in alla
prima, just one session. With a thin wash of paint,
Tom begins, quickly blocking in and building up
layers. The final image is rich with thick, impasto
strokes of paint.

When it comes to watercolor, multiple glazes and
drybrush effects to create a realist technique, as
Tom captures the quiet backdrop of the Midwest’s
hidden landscapes.

Allow your imagination to wander as you browse
through the galleries of Tom’s original paintings,
and find details on the latest
Exhibitions, browse
information on
Classes and Workshops, and blog
with the artist.
Heart of the Midwest

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin
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Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Mill at Midway - Created en  Plein Air, Finished in Studio 16" x 20"