General Supplies for all Watercolor Classes
Covered Watercolor Palette – Get one with a big mixing area and large wells (ex. John  Pike Palette or Tom Lynch Palette)

Brushes -  At the minimum, I suggest that you have the following brushes available –        
 3/4” and 1/2” Flat Brush – The following are recommended: Old Holland series 7002 #20 and #12 (available through Jerry's
Winsor & Newton Series 995 with chisled end are a good, economical alternative
#10 or #12 Round – Creative Mark Rhapsody (Jerry's Artarama). Also acceptable Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II and Lowe
& Cornell series 7020.
#6  Round –  Winsor & Newton #6 Kolinsky Pointed Round. A brush that will hold a sharp point for a few details in your

Bucket – Five Quart capacity

Pencil – 2B or HB lead.

Kneaded Eraser

Windex brand Pump (not trigger) Spray Bottle
- Woodman's Market: East end of Aisle 16.

Facial Tissues (plain, without Aloe)

Paper Towels

Old Bath Towel

Inexpensive Kitchen Sponge

Items listed above are used in all classes. Level 2 and Advanced classes should consider
these  additional items.

Composition Finder - I recommend the combination  Viewfinder Value Guide (Jerry'sArtarama #79541)

Drawing Board – To use to clip or tape watercolor paper. Use as a support.

1-1/2” or 2” Wash Brush – I utilize Isabey Series 6421 wash brushes and Winsor & Newton Series 965 wash brushes.

Bulldog Clips and/or Gummed Kraft Paper Tape – Optional but very helpful

White Magic Rub Eraser - Optional

Spiral Bound Sketch Book – 12” x 9”. Available as 60# to 80# paper weight. Use to record your ideas and create your thumbnail

Notebook or Folder – Your resource for Photos and Pictures.

Micron Pen – Optional -.01 size nib, available at Michael's.

Trigger Spray Bottle – Optional. Needs to provide a hard spray to wash off the “oops”

Hair Dryer – Optional but very helpful

Masking Fluid, Cheap Nylon Brush and a Bar of Soap – Optional

Drafting Tape/Watercolor Tape – Optional

Old Toothbrush – Optional

White Charcoal Pencil - Optional

Colored Pencils – Optional. A few colors can add highlights to your paintings.

White Gouache Paint – Optional. (Pronounced G-Wash). An opaque watercolor to use for highlights. Can be mixed with
transparent watercolors.

Pocket or Palette Knife – Optional.

I purchase most of my supplies through the following companies:

Jerry’s Artarama, 1-800-827-8478,
Dick Blick,1-800-447-8192,
Cheap Joe's Warehouse, 1-800-227-2788,

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Tom Linden
These are the supplies I use during my classes,
workshops and in the studio. If you plan to attend one
of my classes or workshops, I reccommend--but don't
require--that you consider purchasing these supplies.

Please note that if you use different brands, you might
get different results.

If you need help ordering these supplies, please
contact me.
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Watercolor Paper  
•         22” x 30” sheets of Arches 140# Cold Pressed.

I work with Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolors. Holbien Artists Watercolors are
also acceptable. The color formulas are vibrant and consistent.  I also find
Holbein Artists Watercolors to be an acceptable alternative. Other brands have
therir own color formulas which may or may not be similar to the Winsor &
Newton.  This can sometimes lead to undesirable results.  Do not scrimp; buy
the best.  I recommend you purchase the 14 ml tubes or larger.  I utilize the
following colors in my classes:

•        Winsor Lemon  (not Lemon Yellow)
•        Aureolin Yellow
•        Yellow Ochre
•        Cadmium Orange
•        Winsor Red
•        Alizarin Crimson
•        Cerulean Blue
•        Cobalt Blue
•        French Ultramarine Blue
•        Prussian Blue
•        Hookers Green Dark
•        Burnt Sienna
*        Dioxazine Purple (optional)
*        Paynes Gray (optional)
*        Opera (optional)
*        New Gamboge (optional)
Basket of Blossoms
If you are going to try to save a little money, PLEASE DO Not skimp on the paper.